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Update on Disciplinary Proceedings: Mr Barry Hendricks

The disciplinary proceedings involving Mr Barry Hendricks has commenced by way of the chairperson of SASCOC’s Judicial Body, Adv Willem Edeling SC having delivered a charge sheet to Mr Hendricks and appointed Mr Nande Becker as initiator and retired Judge Kathleen Satchwell as the presiding officer of the enquiry.

Mr Nande Becker may be well known for his prosecution work in the PSL circles.

Judge Kathleen Satchwell was a prominent human rights attorney in the 1990’s and appointed by President Mandela as a Judge of the Gauteng High Court.

Preliminary issues are being attended to and the parties have agreed that the enquiry itself will commence on the 29 August 2020.

The process is being overseen by SASCOC’s Judicial Body Chairperson and the outcome will be reported to the board upon its conclusion.

Please note : SASCOC will not be available for further media comment on this matter.

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